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Potbelly Wood Stoves-Wood burning efficiency for heating and cooking

Potbelly Wood Stoves are still very popular today. If you’re looking for a cast iron wood stove for cooking or eating, these potbelly wood stoves are sure to deliver all you’re hoping for. There’s no way modern (or antique) gas stoves can ever beat wood when it comes to delicious cooking and economic heating. Offering much higher energy output than any other stove in its class, the potbelly allows you to harvest heat in a very efficient way.

 Potbelly Wood Stoves Are Versatile in What They Can Burn for Fuel

Potbelly wood stoves can usually burn both coal and wood. No matter how big your room is, nothing can heat it quicker. If their large firepot is enough to heat your room, you can imagine how quickly it will heat a frying pan.

 The stoves can run for hours at a time, with some allowing over 50lb in their firepot – that’s enough to get it running for nearly half a day without worrying about it. Of course, it can last even longer if you close the spin draft vents.

 Small Potbelly Wood Stoves Can Add a Modern/Contemporary Look to Your Room

With easy to access ash pans for easy ash removal and cool-touch handle, these potbelly wood stoves will be around for as long as you can imagine. Suitable for both country houses as well as modern contemporary apartments, a potbelly stove is an investment you cannot afford not to make. It will become the centerpiece of your kitchen or living room. Not to mention, you will soon forget how cold feels like.

Small Wood Stoves-Portable heating and cooking for all your needs
Small Wood Stoves may look just like fancy gimmicks, but wait until you actually try one out. Though most people immediately think of huge iron cast beast when they hear of wood stoves, there are a lot of application requiring much slimmer and smaller models. These affordable small wood stoves are an absolute must if you love woodstove cooking and eating.

Cast Iron Wood stoves-The natural way to heat and cook food for your family
Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves are an outstanding way to counterbalance heating costs while adding exceptional charm to any room. You may prefer an antique cast iron wood burning stove, Theses are not only valuable but because of their age and rarity, they are also as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago.

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